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Services offered by Sole Wellness Podiatry

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Diabetes & Foot Care

Diabetes can cause nerve and blood supply changes to your feet, increasing your risk of having foot problems. If you have diabetes, you should see a podiatrist.


Basic foot care & hard to reach feet

Having trouble reaching your feet? Or have a skin or nail condition, such as callus, corns, warts, thickened nails or ingrown nails? A podiatrist can help.


Biomechanics & orthotics

Custom orthotics can be a game changer for many people when pain, injury or function are the presenting problem.


Structural Podiatry

Including mobilisation, manipulation and exercise, structural podiatry is an effective hands on approach to treating many common foot and ankle pathologies.


Lower limb pain & sports injuries

Pain can result from overuse, acute injury or poor function within the bones, joints and soft tissue. A podiatrist can employ one or many therapies to treat foot and ankle pain.


Dry needling

Using acupuncture needles, dry needling can be an effective treatment when pain, injury and function are the presenting problem.


Children's foot & leg problems

Children can have a variety of unique issues, often stemming from growth and development, injury or genetic conditions. A podiatrist can assist in managing these concerns.

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Toenail Surgery

Toenail surgery is a minor procedure involving the temporary or permanent removal of part or all of a toenail. It is most commonly performed to treat ingrown toenails.

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